There is an urgent medical need to develop alternatives to antibiotics – not only due to the resistance problem, but also because of their often insufficient effectiveness in biofilms and their many side effects. Phage therapy is uniquely suited to become an alternative to antibiotics in many indications. We build on more than a decade of research into antiinfectives and phage therapy, as well as on experimental, last-resort treatment of patients in Germany. Our team, advisory board and research partners are convinced that now is the time to accelerate the re-introduction of phage therapy into Western medicine.




Research is at the core of PhagoMed. The re-introduction of phage therapy into Western medicine requires unequivocal scientific data that prove the effectiveness and safety of our phage assets in vitro and in animal models. Our team is actively driving a portfolio of pre-clinical development projects centered around indications with high medical need.



Helping patients is at the forefront of our minds. In exceptional and severe cases our team of experienced physicians continues to explore experimental treatment options under the Helsinki protocol. Currently these treatments are limited to wound infections as well as periprosthetic infections.



Re-introducing phage therapy into a western setting will require a strong network of committed experts, for pre-clinical work and clinical trials that should form the basis for regulatory approval. PhagoMed is seeking partnerships in all relevant fields and potential indications, to proceed this path together.