PD Dr. Andrej Trampuz

Scientific Lead: Periprosthetic Infections


Scientific Lead: Periprosthetic Infections, Member of the Advisory Board 



Andrej is a leading expert on the field of periprosthetic joint and other implant-associated infections. He is currently the Head of the interdisciplinary Center for Septic Surgery at the Charité in Berlin, Germany. During the past decade he has devoted his research to improving the treatment pathway for patients suffering from these – often devastating – implant-related infections. Together with his PRO-IMPLANT Foundation (www.pro-implant-foundation.org), Andrej created a decision tree for the best surgical and antibiotic treatment, based on the specifics of the biofilm infection, severity, patient conditions and microbiological analyses. Since 2015 Andrej has also turned his attention towards new modes of action for treating periprosthetic joint infections – to reduce the duration of hospital stay, prevent antimicrobial resistance and address potential side effects of antibiotics.

His research group at the Charité in Berlin has shown very promising results for how phages and antibiotics can synergistically interact to improve outcomes in periprosthetic infections. In late 2017, Andrej became a co-founder of PhagoMed to further accelerate the development of phage treatments in the field of periprosthetic infections.



Andrej holds an M.D. from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He completed a post-doctoral research fellowship at the Mayo Clinic in the US and subsequently created research groups at the University Hospital Basel and Lausanne, Switzerland. In 2007 he became Assistant Professor for Infectious Diseases. His current research group in Berlin consists of 16 scientists, working on novel diagnostic and treatment strategies against biofilms. He authored 155 peer-reviewed publications and 6 book chapters. In 2017, he received the Charnley Award by the British Orthopaedic Society for his scientific achievements.