Prof. Dr. Burkhard Wippermann

Director Medical, Head of Advisory Board


Director Medical & Head of PhagoMed’s advisory board


Burkhard has been fascinated by phages since the 1990s. During his time at the Medical University Hanover, Burkhard saw numerous patients with a long history of suffering from antibiotics failure or intolerance to antibiotics. After meeting a colleague from Georgia, Prof. Wippermann saw a chance to help patients with severe cases of bacterial infections. Since the late 1990s, Burkhard has been one of the very few physicians in Germany treating a small number of cases per year under the Helsinki declaration. His personal treatment expertise is highly relevant today and forms the basis for PhagoMed’s research and development program. Burkhard is also currently the Head of the Trauma and Orthopedic surgery department at the Helios clinic Hildesheim.


Burkhard studied medicine at Hanover Medical School (MHH) as well as the Mayo Clinic in the US. He remains part of the teaching staff of Hanover Medical School.