PD DDr. Jörg Schierholz

Director Medical Dev. & Medical Affairs


Director Medical Development & Medical Affairs


Already in the early 2000s, Jörg led a research group at the Caesar in Bonn.  He was looking into new solutions against biofilm forming bacterial infections, and brought two such products to market, based on his research and his IP portfolio. Since his time at Caesar, Jörg held several management positions at biotech and Generics companies, leading R&D development pipelines. He is a leading expert on anti-infectives and has been part of the market launch teams for several of the most recent antibiotics launches. At PhagoMed Jörg applies his decades-long expertise to accelerating phage therapy, including the design of the pre-clinical and clinical program.


Jörg holds two PhDs, one in Medicine and the other one in Chemistry – both from the University of Cologne.