Synthetic lysins as break-through anti-bacterials

Our purpose

Novel anti-bacterials are urgently needed. Humanity faces a monumental crisis due to increasing antibiotic resistance. At the same time, scientists are de-coding our microbiomes leading to a wealth of new disease targets.

The solution is the same for the crisis and the microbiome opportunities: precision anti-bacterials that work where antibiotics fail and enable new treatment paradigms.

Our lead program PM-477:

Bacterial vaginosis (BV)

Recurrent bacterial vaginosis affects 100 million women across the globe. Today’s therapy relies on long-term suppressive antibiotics that fail to provide a cure. Our highly optimized synthetic lysin works where antibiotics fail and is precise, making it a highly innovative solution.

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Unique synthetic biology platform

Lysins, enzymes that cleave the bacterial cell wall, come in many forms and shapes. Most commonly bacteriophages use lysins to destroy the bacterial cell wall at the end of their replication cycle. Our LysinBuilder platform enables the discovery & development of drug-grade synthetic lysins at rocket speed

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Are you suffering from BV?

At PhagoMed, we are working to design the best possible therapies for bacterial vaginosis. If you are willing to share your experience with bacterial vaginosis, please click on the link below to complete the survey.

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