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​We are driven by our vision to open new treatment pathways by developing targeted drugs for debilitating diseases.


Alexander Belcredi, MBA

CEO Business & Finance

Dr. Lorenzo Corsini

CEO Research & Development

Dr. Christine Landlinger-Schubert

Director Lysins

Dr. Albina Poljak

Director Business Development

Core Team

Dr. Susana Hartmann

Phage Research Lead

Dr. Michele Mutti

Research Lead

Vera Oberbauer, MSc.

Junior Researcher

Marcela Restrepo, MSc.

Senior Researcher

David Sáez, MSc.

Junior Researcher

Dr. Lenka Tišáková

Phage Research Lead

Dr. Zehra Visram

Phage Research Lead

Timo Schwebs, MSc.


Board of Directors

Bettina Goerner

Dr. Judith Kölzer-Söding

Dr. Nel Moore

Gerd Wübbels

PhagoMed Biopharma GmbH

Leberstraße 20

1110 Vienna



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