Phage therapy as such has a 100-year history and started more or less immediately after the discovery of phages. Over the past decades, many treatment cases have been reported and recently a number of high-profile cases have been published. For two particularly impressive examples, follow the link to the treatment cases done in San Diego, US and Belgium. Currently phage treatments in Western countries are limited to these types of last-resort or compassionate use cases since there are no approved human phage pharmaceuticals on the market.

At PhagoMed, helping patients is at the forefront of our minds. In exceptional and severe cases our team of experienced physicians do continue to explore experimental treatment options under the Helsinki protocol. Currently these treatments are limited to periprosthetic joint infections.

Bringing phage therapy to a broader range of patients will require approved phage pharmaceuticals. PhagoMed’s mission is to develop these and bring them to market as fast as possible. Should you have an urgent need to explore phage therapy, we suggest to visit the Phage Directory for more information.