ε²Phage® cocktail


Medical need:

Implant-associated infections

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High efficacy,

high precision


S.aureus (incl. MRSA/MSSA)

Patient population:

2 Million infected implants p.a. 

Current standard-of-care:

Debridement, implant exchange and antibiotics

​​Phage cocktail
PM-399 is a phage cocktail specifically assembled to treat complex S. aureus biofilms that form on implants. The phages selected for PM-399 are proprietary ε²Phages®.

Broad host range
PM-399 has a broad host range against S. aureus as well as a high aggressiveness. Bacteria cannot form resistance within lab-scale settings.

Synergy with antibiotics
Combinations of PM-399 and standard-of-care antibiotics show synergistic activity against S. aureus in-vivo.


Target pathogen: S. aureus (incl. MRSA/MSSA)

Indication: Implant-associated infections


Lead optimization


Phase I

Phase II

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Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Antonia Chen MD/MBA

Dr. Gregory Resch

PD Dr. med. Andrej Trampuz

Prof. Dr. Burkhard Wippermann

Prof. Dr. med. Werner Zimmerli