First-in-class ε²Lysin

Medical need:

Bacterial vaginosis

High efficacy,

high precision


Gardnerella spp.

Patient population:

1 in 4 women (aged 15-49) p.a. globally


60% within 6 months

Current standard-of-care:

Broad-spectrum antibiotics (acute) and long-term suppressive antibiotics (chronic)

Cleaving domain

PM-477 has a cleaving domain. After it binds to the cell wall, it lyses it. The cell bursts and the bacteria die.

Binding domain

PM-477 has a Gardnerella specific binding domain. It only binds to the cell wall of Gardnerella bacteria. It is specific.


Target pathogen: Gardnerella spp.

Indication: Bacterial vaginosis


Lead optimization


Phase I

Phase II

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. med. Werner Mendling

Prof. Dr. Christina Muzny

Dr. Gregory Resch

Prof. Dr. Jane Schwebke

Prof. Dr. Jack Sobel

PD Dr. Alexander Swidsinski

Prof. Dr. Mario Vaneechoutte

Prof. Dr. med. Hans Verstraelen

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