• alexanderbelcredi

PhagoMed graduates from NYU Stern School of Business EFL program

Among more than 500 applicants, PhagoMed was selected in autumn 2020 to participate in the Endless Frontiers Lab (EFL) acceleration program hosted by the NYU Stern's school of business. Today, PhagoMed was one of just 16 LifeScience start-ups to graduate from the 2020/21 EFL program.

Throughout the program, PhagoMed had the honor of working with more than 20 world-class mentors including venture capitalists and Big Pharma executives. As part of the mentoring process, PhagoMed received advice on business strategy, pipeline planning and commercial execution. The participation in the program has been highly beneficial and has helped ensure that PhagoMed is now ready for its Series A fundraising.

For more information on the EFL program and the other graduates, please follow this link.