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PhagoMed’s PM-477 named as an MIT SOLVE finalist solution

MIT SOLVE, the worlds premier social impact competition, selected PhagoMed’s drug candidate PM-477 as a finalist in the 2020 global competition. PM-477 will compete together with 14 other solutions for up to $100,000 in prize money and the chance to be named an MIT SOLVER team in the MIT SOLVE Global Competition Finals on September 29th, 2020. PM-477 is PhagoMed’s lead drug candidate that targets the #1 vaginal infection, Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). Bacterial Vaginosis affects around 400 million women every year and has dramatic health consequences including pre-term birth, high risk of STD contraction and low quality of life. PM-477 is a precision drug that works by binding to and killing the bacteria that cause Bacterial Vaginosis. At the same time PM-477 cannot bind to the beneficial bacteria in the vaginal microbiome and is therefore a highly precise therapy.

MIT SOLVE selected PM-477 as a finalist due to the high medical need in Bacterial Vaginosis in low-income communities. For more information on PM-477 and the SOLVE competition, please visit the following link. About MIT SOLVE: Solve is an initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a mission to solve world challenges. Solve is a marketplace for social impact innovation. Through open innovation Challenges, Solve finds incredible tech-based social entrepreneurs all around the world. Solve then brings together MIT’s innovation ecosystem and a community of Members to fund and support these entrepreneurs to help them drive lasting, transformational impact. Join Solve on this journey at solve.mit.edu.

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