• PhagoMed

Read and watch some of the latest news pieces on PhagoMed.

Notable articles and clips with PhagoMed include:

  • [English] Read a summary of how biotechs (incl. PhagoMed) are using viruses for good by Europe’s leading biotech news portal Labiotech.eu

  • [English] US Lifescience portal BioWorld published a detailed profile of PhagoMed

  • [English] The Scientific Inquirer asked our Co-CEO the “big questions” on phage therapy

  • [German] Watch a clip by Servus TV on how PhagoMed is addressing the antibiotics crisis

  • [German] The leading German news portal Zeit Online published a four-part series on phages therapy that featured PhagoMed

  • [German] Austrian health magazine wissen wrote an article on phage therapy and PhagoMed

  • [German] Print magazine “Profil” featured PhagoMed as part of its section on companies trying to improve the world

  • [German] Newspaper Oberösterreichische Nachrichten reported on PhagoMed’s mission to develop phage-based therapies

  • [German] Leading Austrian print newspaper Der Standard featured a headline article on phages and PhagoMed